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Off topic question for the lean season

I have been sitting on this question for about a month and since
traffic on the list is very light, I thought if any Emacs Lisp experts
might feel like answering me.

I have been making another attempt to learn Emacs Lisp by going
through Bob Chassels' "Gentle Introduction" by reading each line,
working out exercises etc

The other day I heard a huge sum of money being referred to in terms
of pounds sterling and wished to convert to US$s. The multiplication
required was after throwing out lots of zeros:
1.44 multiplied by 1.5.
The answer is of course 1.8. But I decided to use Emacs Lisp.
So I typed in the requisite expression in my *scratch*  buffer, placed
point after the right parentheses and did C-u C-x C-e  and got
thefollowing amazingly erroneous answer. I am  kill-yanking that line
(* 1.25 1.44)1.7999999999999998 !!!

Does this indicate a fault in the Lisp compiler or an error in the
multiplication table of my Intel 2 chipset?


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