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stunnel, vm-7.19 and ubuntu


I have always used VM as my mail reading apparatus. Since the time I
switched to google, I mean using  a `gmail.com'  email id there has
been the issue of  retrieving my email using stunnel. I remember my
problem was solved 3 years ago by a student who  then  built a binary
for stunnel on an FC3 machine and sent it to me. Last year I installed
a ubuntu 8/04 system but am unable to switch to it because whenever I
open VM I am told "POP connection not open, pop over ssl".

Three years ago my saviour had told me that the debian versions had
some kind of wrapper which took care of the refusal of vm-7.19 to talk
with stunnel. Googling around, I find some discussion of this problem
but no definitive answer. Since Emacspeak recommends the use of VM, I
wonder if any of you could suggest a way of getting VM-7.19 to work
with stunnel to retrieve the mail.
Otherwise it may be ubuntu 10/10 that I will end up using  hoping that
things will get better then!
Thanks in advance.

PS: My other computer with FC3 has exactly the same startup files as
the ubuntu machine, 
it is connected to the same router and broadband connection. So it is
_not_ a matter of there not being a connection between the ubuntu
machine and the internet.

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