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Re: compiling outloud under debian sid

Hello Bart,

"Bart Bunting" <bart@ursys.com.au> writes:

> Thanks to Tim’s help and some poking around I have now managed to get
> the atclei.so to appear.  It appears that under debian you need to not
> use libtool and just execute the commands by hand with the addition of
> –shared to the linking step.

Could you provide some example code?  In compiling the server I remove
the libtool stuff but I don't add anything.  Is this 64-bit specific?

> Now that that is all working I’m having responsiveness issues with
> outloud.  I am running this inside a vm under a mac. 
> For some reason there is a significant delay when asking speech to
> stop.  It also appears to have some relationship to the length of the
> text sent to the tts.

I am having some of the same issue.  Changing values in the .asoundrc
file to what seemed excessive mitigated this a bit.  Testing many values
and combinations resulted in these seeming to work best for my set-up:

period_size 512
buffer_size 11308

Robert D. Crawford                                      rdc1x@comcast.net

Of what you see in books, believe 75%.  Of newspapers, believe 50%.  And of
TV news, believe 25% -- make that 5% if the anchorman wears a blazer.

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