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dtk-set-rate: Process speaker not running

 Hi David and Robert,
David Ring writes:
 > Could anyone help me determine what my next step in seeing how I can get
 > this speaking?
 > Thanks,
 > David

I have two linux boxes: 
an ancient FC3 linux running Emacs 21.3 and Emacspeak  
25.0  revision 4289-4293 (Activedog).

and a second box which is not yet fully functional
where I have ubuntu 8.04, Emacs-22.1.1
and Emacspeak 29.0.
Both systems currently use flite+ eflite  for  speech. The
second system was installed with the objective of installing and
running Voxin, FireVox etc. But this requires sighted help which has
been difficult to obtain and hence it is a project still under

The FC3 system works beautifully, except that maybe once in 2months (I
turn the machine  off and on every day)  when I start emacspeak (my
slightly different command is given later) I hear the PC speaker beep
and if there is a sighted person around I am told of the minibuffer
message, "Process speaker not running". 

As in David's case, the message buffer does not indicate any
errors. My solution is to shut down X (I run Emacspeak in a gnome
session) and restart X. This has always worked fine. The same
behaviour occurs on the ubuntu machine except there the message is:
"Process speaker 1 not running" and the cure is exactly the same.

If I try to run Emacs (sans speech) after "Process speaker not
running" has appeared,
Nothing can be done: each keystroke yields a beep from the PC
speaker. Obviously I have not done this particular procedure for about
18 months which is when I lost all vision.

I have seen this question asked here before but never seen a
definitive answer. Possibly this is because, as far as I have
experienced it, this is an intermittent problem and hence diagnosis is
Finally this is the command which I use to start emacs with emacspeak:

exec emacs -q -l /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/emacspeak/lisp/emacspeak-setup.el $INITSTR $CL_ALL
      I have one problem which is X specific: how do I start X and
      make sure that emacs will appear full screem obviating the
      necessity of bringing the emacs "into  focus".

My .xinitrc file simply says

xrdb -load .Xdefaults
/home/kalyan/emacspeak &
exec gnome-session

Sorry David I've been no help at all, but maybe my trick of restarting
will work for you as well.

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