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Re: dtk-set-rate: Process speaker not running

Kalyan Mukherjea <kalyan.infinity@gmail.com> writes:

>  Hi David and Robert,
> David Ring writes:
>  > Could anyone help me determine what my next step in seeing how I can get
>  > this speaking?
>  > Thanks,
>  > David
> The FC3 system works beautifully, except that maybe once in 2months (I
> turn the machine  off and on every day)  when I start emacspeak (my
> slightly different command is given later) I hear the PC speaker beep
> and if there is a sighted person around I am told of the minibuffer
> message, "Process speaker not running". 

I _think_ this message is very generic, meaning that it could be many
things including a bad speech server, problems with the engine, and so
on.  One thing you might try is to restart the server with C-e C-s.
Intermittent problems are terribly difficult to diagnose in my
experience and sometimes the work-arounds are the best solution.

> If I try to run Emacs (sans speech) after "Process speaker not
> running" has appeared, Nothing can be done: each keystroke yields a
> beep from the PC speaker. Obviously I have not done this particular
> procedure for about 18 months which is when I lost all vision.

This has been my experience.  After this message pops up Emacs is
well and truly stuck.  If this is the case I don't think my above
solution with restarting the server will work.  For me, I have to switch
to a console and kill Emacs.

>       I have one problem which is X specific: how do I start X and
>       make sure that emacs will appear full screem obviating the
>       necessity of bringing the emacs "into  focus".

Emacs has a commandline option --fullscreen.  I run Emacs under X
without a window manager.  Emacs is launched from my ~/.xsession file
with the following line:

exec emacs --debug-init --fullscreen

All of my emacspeak setup is done from my ~/.emacs file.

I hope at least some of this was useful.
Robert D. Crawford                                     robdcraw@gmail.com

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