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Re: [VINUX] Re: Experimental Vinux Console Only Edition!


There is one typo.

as either root or a normal user
cd /servers/Linux-espeak

It should be:

as either root or a normal user
cd servers/Linux-espeak

I've corrected this on the google document.  Also in case you've looked at the poor job I did of formatting your beautiful explanation, I've improved it a bit.


On Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 2:48 PM, David Ring <n1ea@arrl.net> wrote:
Jared of www.blindtech.net supplied the following link for installation of emacspeak on Debian Lenhy (Vinux).

Thanks Jared!



On Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 12:42 PM, Jared <stofflet@gmail.com> wrote:

I wrote a blog entry going through the steps I used to install the
latest emacspeak on Vinux, hopefully this helps. It can be found at

Tony Sales wrote:
> Hi everyone, I am happy to include any text based applications in the
> CLI version, so send in your suggestions. David - I tried to install
> emacspeak but couldn't get it to talk - so if you know how to get it
> working on Debian Lenny let me know!
> drbongo
> On 9/24/09, mike <kb8aey@verizon.net> wrote:
>> Maybe you can include dosemu if it isn't to much trouble. That will make it
>> possible to play text based games and run other dos programs from linux.
>> Mike.
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>> ----- (Original Message) -----
>> From: "David Ring" <n1ea@arrl.net>
>> Date: Wednesday, September 23,  at 8:08 PM
>> To: vinux-development@googlegroups.com
>> Subject: [VINUX] Re: Experimental Vinux Console Only Edition!
>> Put links2 so we can run links2 -g graphics in framebuffer mode and pine (or
>> alpine) and emacspeak (from subversion) and I will proclaim Vinux-CLI to be
>> the "fairest distro in the land".
>> For many it is easier to use a console rather than playing "pin the mouse
>> arrow on the window".
>> WoW  - what a great idea!
>> David
>> On Wed, Sep 23, 2009 at 5:16 PM, drbongo
>> <vinux.development@googlemail.com>wrote:
>>> Hi everyone,
>>> Our friend and colleague David "Jedi" Knight (and family) was involved
>>> in a tag team wrestling match with a swarm of wasps at the weekend and
>>> unfortunately lost the Yorkshire Wasp Wrestlers and Bee Boxing
>>> Association Belt (lightweight) which had been in the family for
>>> several generations, and while I am waiting for the next version of
>>> the vinux build script (apparantly he can't type with his toes - what
>>> a lightweight) I have been experimenting with building an experimental
>>> console only version of Vinux which might interest the more
>>> experienced and geeky users. So far I have managed to get everything
>>> working using aptitude, I have installed and configured speech-
>>> dispacther and network-manager etc and made a remaster which boots
>>> fine, although i couldn't get it to install (I will have to listen to
>>> Georgina's audio walkthrough again). Obviously this won't be of much
>>> use or interest to beginners, but console users will find it very
>>> stable and fast, and it would make a great base on which to build a
>>> distro, given you already have a functioning system and speech etc. I
>>> suppose it will be like GRML, except speakup will start automatically
>>> and it will be based on lenny instead of squeeze on should be a bit
>>> more stable. I am not sure how big it will be yet as this time I
>>> installed xorg and fluxbox so i had a basic gui to fall back on if
>>> everything went wrong. Obvioulsy if this was removed it would be a lot
>>> smaller. I am thinking of making two versions one that literally just
>>> had the basic system, speakup and remastersys on it, and a full CD
>>> sized version which will be able to have loads of extra text tools
>>> etc. I may of course leave fluxbox on there so that a sighted friend
>>> would be able to help you in an emergency etc. This is not going to
>>> replace the standard version, it is just an interesting little side
>>> project - just to see if I could do it really, but i like the
>>> results.
>>> I will upload an experimental version if i can get the size down and
>>> make it installable. Anyway i hope the wasps are feeling better, and
>>> they don't let new found success go to their thoraxes and compound
>>> eyes.
>>> drbongo
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