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Re: unicode editing

I found a site that says to add these lines to my .emacs
'; set unicode data file location. (used by what-cursor-position)
(let ((x "~/Documents/emacs/UnicodeData.txt"))
  (when (file-exists-p x)
    (setq describe-char-unicodedata-file x)))

I'm still getting an emacspeak-speak-char-name error that refers to ucs-names.
symbol's function definition is void: ucs-names
and emacspeak is silent when I type c-e c or c-f or c-b or m-f or m-b.

On 10/15/09, John Morgan <johnjosephmorgan@gmail.com> wrote:
> The variable default-enable-multibyte-characters was the problem.  I
> just deleted the line where I had set it to t in my .emacs file and
> I'm back to the behavior I had previously.
> This behavior is not ideal.  The multibyte characters get read as hex
> values when I move up or down lines with c-n or c-p, but not with  m-f
> or m-b or c-f or c-b.  I was hoping this would have been improved in
> the latest version of emacspeak.
> Should I set the describe-char-unicodedata-file variable?
> John
> On 10/15/09, John Morgan <johnjosephmorgan@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Robert,
>> I've inserted the utf-8 related variables in my .emacs file and I
>> still have the problem.  I wonder if it's an espeak problem?
>> The weird thing is that I can't delete the multibyte characters, it's
>> a nightmare, they're indestructible.
>> I don't think espeak would cause this behavior.
>> I'm running version 22 of emacs.
>> John
>> On 10/15/09, John Morgan <johnjosephmorgan@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Thanks Robert, I'm working with the .emacs settings you posted, I
>>> don't have the problem fixed yet.  I'm not using the start up script,
>>> I have a line
>>> exec emacs -q -l /home/john/emacspeak/lisp/emacspeak-setup.el -l
>>> /home/john/.emacs
>>> in a shell script and I invoke it after loging in.
>>> Can you read multibyte characters with emacspeak and espeak?
>>> For example, if you type m-x ucs-insert and enter the hex value 622,
>>> does emacspeak read the character to you?
>>> I had set default-enable-multibyte-characters to t.
>>> John
>>> On 10/15/09, Robert D. Crawford <robdcraw@gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> John Morgan <johnjosephmorgan@gmail.com> writes:
>>>>> I recently upgraded my emacspeak to version 30 and I'm having problems
>>>>> editing files containing characters encoded in multibyte utf8.  I use
>>>>> espeak.  When I move over multibyte characters emacspeak is silent.
>>>>> When I move to a line containing even one multibyte utf8 encoded
>>>>> character I get no speech for the entire line.  I also can't remove
>>>>> the offending characters in an emacs buffer.  I guess this means
>>>>> problems with my emacs, but I only noticed the problem after upgrading
>>>>> emacspeak.  I don't notice any problems with 7-bit encoded characters.
>>>>>  Do I have to set a variable in my .emacs to enable editing multibyte
>>>>> text?
>>>> I'm not sure this will help, but what is the value of
>>>> default-enable-multibyte-characters?
>>>> Also, you don't mention how you start emacspeak, but it used to be that
>>>> the emacspeak script, which some people used to start emacs and
>>>> emacspeak, contained the environment variable EMACS_UNIBYTE=1.  This
>>>> might not be the case anymore.  I've not upgraded in a while so I
>>>> cannot
>>>> be sure.
>>>> Here are the other settings I have in my .emacs file that pertain to
>>>> utf-8:
>>>> (setq locale-coding-system 'utf-8)
>>>> (set-terminal-coding-system 'utf-8)
>>>> (set-keyboard-coding-system 'utf-8)
>>>> (set-selection-coding-system 'utf-8)
>>>> (prefer-coding-system 'utf-8)
>>>> Set via Customize:
>>>>  '(current-language-environment "UTF-8")
>>>> Even if this does not fix the problem, perhaps it leads you in the
>>>> right
>>>> direction.
>>>> rdc
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John J Morgan

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