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Re: dismal (spreadsheets?)

So far as I know, the only distro that ever had dismal available was redhat quite a while ago. The current version of emacs has calc available but I don't know if that's really able to function as a spreadsheet. With spreadsheets, there's the question of functionality then things move along to the question of functions like how many.On Fri, 17 Apr 2009, Daniel Dalton wrote:


How do I get dismal on debian stable (I have enabled pinning, so can get
stuff out of testing/unstable as well). I don't see a dismal package???
Or do I have to build from source? also, with this package, is it
possible to generate spreadsheets like those created in oo calc? Are
they compatible with windows formats? (I know, it's just I need to
eventually submit them to teacher or whatever, and they are always on
windows based systems...)



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