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Emacs 23: next-line and previous-line

Hi all,
I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned this, so I'll describe it here
for posterity.
When I upgraded from Emacs 22 to Emacs 23, I noticed that next-line and
previous-line weren't working as I expected.  They were moving by
80-column "screen lines", rather than by logical lines.  Do you hear the
same thing being spoken multiple times as you try to move through a long
logical line with C-n and C-p?  That's an artifact of the way that the
movement commands now work in emacs 23.  Eventually, I got frustrated,
and I did a google search.  The fix is to set line-move-visual to nil.
I know which Lisp form I'll be adding to my .emacs file!

-- Chris

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