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SLIME mode

thought I'd start 2010 with a question.....

Is anyone out there using emacspeak and SLIME (Superior Lisp Interaction Mode
for Emacs)?

Out of the box, SLIME is not very emacspeak friendly. I've spent the morning
adding some advice and updating some hooks to make it a little easier to use.
However, it struck me that perhaps others have also done similar. Rather than
re-inventing the wheel, I thought I'd ask first. 

To get a fully functional speech interface for SLIME, it will take some work.
SLIME has a few add on modules and the imteraction is quite complex. I'm
starting with a very basic SLIME setup and have got some basic speech working,
but things need refinement. I figure the best way to do this is to just refine
my setup as I work with SLIME. Part of the issue is that SLIME comes with its
own slime repl, whihc has been done to improve the integration with emacs and
the inferior lisp process. This means that the normal emacspeak support for
comint mode doesn't really work and partly explains why the speech feedback is
a bit weak and why it will probably require a fair amount of work. SLIME can
be used with basic comint mode, but you loose a fair amount of the advanced
SLIME functionality doing it that way. 

So, I'm interested in working with anyone else who has been adressing the same
issue and I'm interested in anyone else who does a bit of common lisp hacking
who might be interested in being a guinea pig for what I'm working on. Of
course, once it reaches minimal maturity, I will contribute it to emacspeak!


Tim Cross

There are two types of people in IT - those who do not manage what they 
understand and those who do not understand what they manage.

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