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Re: html and latex

Daniel Dalton <d.dalton@iinet.net.au> wrote:
> 1. What tools do people use to generate latex tables under emacs? I
> really don't have time to code them all by hand and I read there are a
> few options under emacs. For generating latex tables, what is the most
> efficient option? 

for anything involving LaTeX, Auctex mode under Emacs is the best option.
> 2. What tools that work well with emacspeak can I use to speed up html
> web development? All my class mates are using GUIs such as dreamweaver
> on windows to code their pages. I tend to use emacs and write the code
> out manually. Obviously this is more time consuming, so are there tools
> that can help me out with this? I'm using html, and anything that can
> speed up changing fonts, manipulating tables etc would be really good. 

You have several options.

1. Don't try to use tables and font elements for layout, learn CSS instead.
There should be good tutorials on the Web somewhere. You should then write
your HTML as cleanly and simply as you can, and use CSS to control the fonts,
positioning, etc. This also helps accessibility considerably as it avoids the
misuse of HTML elements.

In short, don't try to reproduce the kind of uggly HTML that most wysiwyg
tools generate.

2. If you don't need to manipulate the HTML directly, you can use
restructuredtext or a similar format to write your document, and have it
automatically converted to HTML.

3. If you're planning to write in XHTML (therefore using XML rather than HTML
syntax), use nxml-mode under Emacs 23, which can also validate your document
as you write it.

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