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Re: html and latex

On Fri, Feb 26, 2010 at 08:24:18PM +1100, Jason White wrote:
> > 1. What tools do people use to generate latex tables under emacs? I
> > really don't have time to code them all by hand and I read there are a
> > few options under emacs. For generating latex tables, what is the most
> > efficient option? 
> > 
> for anything involving LaTeX, Auctex mode under Emacs is the best option.
It is nice. When you generate LaTeX tables, do you use the table-insert
function in emacs and then table-generate to create a LaTeX formatted

when you get a table that looks like:

|  |  |
|  |  |

How can you navigate it using emacspeak?

Is this how I should fill in the table? table-generate doesn't seem to
like it, what am I doing wrong?

|a1  |b2  |
| 12 |33  |

It says table not found here when I select the region with the table and
do m-x table-generate.

Any ideas why?

> > on windows to code their pages. I tend to use emacs and write the code
> > out manually. Obviously this is more time consuming, so are there tools
> > that can help me out with this? I'm using html, and anything that can
> > speed up changing fonts, manipulating tables etc would be really good. 
> You have several options.
> 1. Don't try to use tables and font elements for layout, learn CSS instead.
> There should be good tutorials on the Web somewhere. You should then write
> your HTML as cleanly and simply as you can, and use CSS to control the fonts,
> positioning, etc. This also helps accessibility considerably as it avoids the
> misuse of HTML elements.

I will definitely look into that.
> 2. If you don't need to manipulate the HTML directly, you can use
> restructuredtext or a similar format to write your document, and have it
> automatically converted to HTML.

Again I'll find out more about this.

> 3. If you're planning to write in XHTML (therefore using XML rather than HTML
> syntax), use nxml-mode under Emacs 23, which can also validate your document
> as you write it.

What is the advantage of using xml over html though?

In other words are you saying avoid coding in html?


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