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emacspeak viavoice and suspend/resume

Hi all,

This is a very odd problem I'm having and I'm just not sure how to even
start tracking it down.  I thought I'd ask if anyone else is seeing it.

I find that after a suspend/resume cycle on my laptop speech becomes less
responsive.  Especially with long lines taking longer to cut off speech,
sometimes even having to do a c-e c-s to restart.

A reboot always fixes the problem.  I guess saying that I usually reboot
after a suspend/resume gives some idea of how bad the problem is.

However other sound appears fine, for example my jaws session running in
a windows xp virtualbox is fine, no change in responsiveness at all.

My system is:
hp envy 15 i7 laptop
Ubuntu Lucid
latest svn snapshot of emacspeak.

Anyone have any ideas on how to track it down or even what to suspect? or seeing the same thing?



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