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Google Calendar

OK, I got g-client to load and it seems to have integrated into
emacs-calendar but I can't get the html handler to work.  At this
time, I have w3 installed and not w3m; haven't gotten around to
installing w3m yet.

Anyway, I have been trying several variants of w3 as my g-html-handler
variable but I get errors about being unable to parse or symbol
definition is voide.  I even tried browse-url-w3 with that, I get the
following in the message line:
Wrong type argument: stringp, #<buffer  *g scratch*.
I found this more complete message in the *Messages* buffer:
ad-Orig-w3-fetch: Wrong type argument: stringp, #<buffer  *g scratch*>

Can I not use w3 for the html handler? If so, what function am I
supposed to put in the g-html-handler variable?  I looked around
google and I can't find anything more recent than 2008 on this.

Any help?

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