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the emacspeak shell script was Re: Unable to make settings permanent

Jason White <jason@jasonjgw.net> writes:

> I would suggest starting Emacspeak from your ~/.emacs file as well,
> instead of using somebody else's external script. for example, in your
> > ~/.profile file you can configure environment variables to specify
> the speech server, load Emacspeak from your ~/.emacs file directly.

The emacspeak script is distributed with emacspeak.  Over here, it is
installed as /usr/bin/emacspeak.  It's not quite external.  I always
thought that this was the recommended way to launch.  I'm surprised to
hear otherwise.

I found an unrelated issue with the script today.  It contains the
following two lines:


When I launch with that script, emacs prevents me from saving text as
UTF-8, unless I forcibly enable multibyte mode.

Is there any particular reason why emacspeak still needs emacs to run in
unibyte mode?

-- Chris

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