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Warning regarding current emacs 24

Hi All,

this is just a quick warning for anyone running latest emacs 24 development
version. Recent changes in emacs 24 have broken emacspeak in a couple of ways.

1. With the introduction of packages.el (ELPA support), the finder-package-info
variable has been removed from fnder.el. This breaks emacspeak-finder.el, which
in turn breaks the emacspeak config step. The quick and dirty fix is to just
comment out the line 

   "(loop for l  in (reverse emacspeak-finder-package-info) do\n (push l finder-package-info))\n"

from emacspeak-finder.el

BTW, I think there is another bug in this code as it has 

(if (=  22 emacs-major-version)

to generate the emacspeak-finder-compile-keywords function, which I suspect
will not work as expected under emacs 23.

2. There have been some changes to gnus which has broken emacspeak defadvice
relating to running gnus. I've not looked at this in any detail. However, it
appears they have changed the name used for the article buffer (to allow you to
browse/read multiple groups at once in different buffers). At a quick glance,
it looks like emacspeak is assuming the buffer is called *Article*, which is no
longer the case. 

Note that this is only relevant if your running the development version of
emacs from recent bzr code. There is no guarantee that emacspeak will work with
development versions of emacs and I have no expectation for Raman to fix these
issues. I'm merely reporting this to warn others who may also run recent
development sources for emacs.

I will try to look at this when time permits and will provide patches if I am
successful in updating things in a way that doesn't break backwards
compatibility. (assuming Raman or someone else doesn't beat me to it of course!). 


Tim Cross

There are two types of people in IT - those who do not manage what they 
understand and those who do not understand what they manage.

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