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Spell Checking

I've been trying to spell check lately in Emacs and have been running
into some strange problems plus I do have a basic question.

First off, when the list of available choices is spoken once, is there
any way one can review these choices before selecting the correct word
replacement? Or in this same vain, if the number of choices exceeds
the default maximum, how does one review this list in emacspeak? What
I do now is cheat by using speakup running in the background and use
its review function to look over the list.  I was interested in a more
emacspeak-pure way to do this.

Also, if I try anything other than ispell-word, I get the following
ispell-command-loop: Text is read-only
from the message buffer.  I'm using emacs-23.2 and am using aspell as
the ispell-command; that part seems to work with spelling a current
word but not for ispell-buffer, ispell-region.  

When I used Google to look up this error message, I got only two hits
and neither of them offered an actual answer.

Any ideas on all this?

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