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Re: emacspeak 33.0

I've got it up and running in Ubuntu Karmic - wonderful.

However I'm still getting eci synthesizer errors in Mint Debian :-( which is unfortunate because I have managed to get a console version of Mint Debian which supports many wifi cards and other hardware that Debian does not.  Voxin speaks in the Voxin say directory using ./say - but alas emacspeak is silent.

When emacspeak starts talking in this, I will be happier.

However, in Ubuntu Emacspeak 33 and the version in the googlecode svn both work wonderfully - and I love the new features.  Voxin integrates perfectly in Ubuntu.

I've contated Gilles - but I must be missing some files in Debian or for some reason emacspeak isn't picking up the configurations in bash.bashrc.

Also which tcl does not return anything even though tcl8.4 is installed in Debian Mint, but it doesn't return anything in ubuntu either - but in Ubuntu Emacspeak 33.0 is very very happy and sings and talks like mad.


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