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dash pronunciation issues

Hello all,

I had posted here before concerning a pronunciation issue with the dash
character.  I had some time so I updated my svn and the problem still
exists.  I have removed all punctuation rules from my .dictionary file
that might concern this issue, and commented all lines from my .emacs
file in the form of:




to eliminate that as a possible issue.  Here is what I see:

With the example line


with punctuation set to some I hear

dash unicada dash customiza dash char

and with punctuation set to all I hear

dtk dash Unicode dash customize dash char

and with punctuation set to none I hear

dash unicada dash customiza dash char

All modes seem to exhibit this behavior.  Simple strings like 'C-f' read
as apostrophe dash f.

I have some time to try to help track this down by way of testing
mostly.  I do need some direction as I have no idea where to start.  I
just tried running emacs on  a VT and reading this mail with the same

Thanks for any help,

Robert D. Crawford                                     robdcraw@gmail.com

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