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problem running espeak again

OK, so I've just installed 64 bit Vinux.  I'm running emacs 23.3 and
emacspeak from svn.  Because I got the problems with clipped text in
emacsepak I decided to recompile espeak.  Just like the last time I'm
having problems that make things unusable.  As I type this I can hear
the tts repeating fragments from the previous sentence.  Here are the
steps I took to rebuild:

1.  Download the source from the espeak site.
2. Uncompress, comment the portaudio line and uncomment the pulseaudio
3.  make, sudo make install
4.  sudo ldconfig
5.  cd /usr/local/share/emacs/site-lisp/emacspeak/servers/linux-espeak
6.  make clean
7.  make all
8.  restart the server
9.  text not clipped but speaks only fragments slowly
10.  Reboot
11. same problem

Text is spoken in orca properly.  What step did I leave out?  Surely
these has to be something I did wrong.

Thanks for any help,
Robert D. Crawford                                     robdcraw@gmail.com

Let him choose out of my files, his projects to accomplish.
		-- Shakespeare, "Coriolanus"

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