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Re: Emacspeak on a Mac

Steve Holmes <steve@holmesgrown.com> wrote:
> After using homebrew to build emacs-24, I notice if I run emacs with
> no command line parms, it launches into the GUI version where VO is
> not usable at all.  If I use the -nw switch, then I can use it like
> any normal console-exclusive emacs.  When I go to use emacspeak, how
> should I run emacs? I don't remember the HOWTO document expressing
> anything specific about this.  I wouldn't think I should end up in the
> GUI though.

On Linux, at least, this doesn't matter unless you have a braille display that
you want to use in parallel with Emacspeak, in which case you have to run it
as an ncurses (console) application, because the GTK version doesn't support

Emacspeak will of course operate perfectly well regardless of how Emacs
presents its visual interface.

I expect the above to hold under other operating systems as well.

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