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Re: Updates To Outloud Alsa Server

This is not a threading issue -- it is probably triggering
because of the virtualization layer you mentioned. 

>>>>> "Alastair" == Alastair Irving <alastair.irving@sjc.ox.ac.uk> writes:
    Alastair> On 01/03/2012 01:15, T. V. Raman wrote:
    >> I have updated the emacspeak outloud server to use some of
    >> the newer libasound calls -- this may make things better
    >> for some -- it may potentially make things worse, so
    >> please test heavily.
    Alastair> I no longer get underrun errors so this is
    Alastair> definitely an improvement. However, stopping speech
    Alastair> still seems to be a problem. This is easier to
    Alastair> demonstrate by running the server directly:
    Alastair> If I queue a long string using the q command and
    Alastair> then speak it using d then try to stop it using s
    Alastair> then if I do the s almost instantly after the d it
    Alastair> stops almost instantly, but if I wait before doing
    Alastair> the s then it doesn't stop and speaks the whole
    Alastair> string. I put a print statement in the outloud tcl
    Alastair> file write at the top of the proc s. In the first
    Alastair> case this is obviously printed but in the second
    Alastair> case it isn't printed until the whole string has
    Alastair> been spoken, which is too late. I don't really
    Alastair> understand how the threading works but it seems
    Alastair> reasonable to suppose that its somehow getting
    Alastair> stuck in a thread and not giving execution back to
    Alastair> the main command loop.
    Alastair> Alastair
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