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Query about defining new voices

Hi all,

I've been playing around with defining new voices in emacspeak and
trying to get my head around how things work.

Partly this has been an exercise in getting better voiceification with
the mac speech server and also trying to get voiceification working with
the notmuch mail client.

I am making reasonable progress with both of these.  Setting up the
notmuch voice mapping was made easy once i found voice-setup-add-map.

I have a question though.  There is a program I use at work in shell
mode.  It gives
some of it's information by colour changes in the text.  When I show the
output in shell modes, the colours show up and
emacspeak-show-personality-at-point  reports the font colour.

Is it possible to define voices based on font colours?

The output from emacspeak-show-personality-at-point looks like:
Personality (emacspeak-bold-voice) Face nil (((foreground-color . green)
Personality (emacspeak-bold-voice) Face nil ((bold (foreground-color
. red) (background-color . black)))

Kind regards


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