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Bits and bobs


I have a couple of bits of glue, both elisp and shell scripts that are
pretty specific to my workflow but never the less may be helpful for
someone out there.

If anyone is interested let me know and I'll clean them up and post.

- I run emacs on the mac.  I run windows in a vmware fusion vm.  I have
 Some elisp and a shell script that let you send a file from a dired
 buffer over to the vm and launch openbook on it and OCR the file.
 There are limitations in that openbook has no scripting so it just
 opens the file in openbook.  It may be possible to do more with some
 sort of automation on the windows side but I find it convenient enough
 to just hit a key in emacs and have the file OCR and open in windows.

- The other is a bit of elisp that lets you open a file from a dired
 buffer in chrome.  Pretty simple but I find it helpful.

 Raman, is there a better way for the community to collect these sort of
 hacks?  I'm thinking now of things that are really only useful to
 emacspeak users and not the wider community?  Perhaps a wiki or some
 sort of git repo?

Kind regards


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