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Bits and bobs

A few thoughts:

it's a balance between how much time you're willing to put into
packaging/documenting things vs how broadly it gets used.

Based on these two parameters here are a range of choices I see:

1. Well-packaged/documented: publish via elpa -- easiest for the

2. Check it into github as a first step -- with the goal of
getting to 1 -- risk is  that it might be yet another
moribund/undiscovered blob of code

3. Create a page on the Emacs Wiki with tips and code fragments.
>>>>> "Bart" == Bart Bunting <bart@bunting.net.au> writes:
    Bart> Morning, I have a couple of bits of glue, both elisp
    Bart> and shell scripts that are pretty specific to my
    Bart> workflow but never the less may be helpful for someone
    Bart> out there.
    Bart> If anyone is interested let me know and I'll clean them
    Bart> up and post.
    Bart> - I run emacs on the mac. I run windows in a vmware
    Bart> fusion vm. I have Some elisp and a shell script that
    Bart> let you send a file from a dired buffer over to the vm
    Bart> and launch openbook on it and OCR the file. There are
    Bart> limitations in that openbook has no scripting so it
    Bart> just opens the file in openbook. It may be possible to
    Bart> do more with some sort of automation on the windows
    Bart> side but I find it convenient enough to just hit a key
    Bart> in emacs and have the file OCR and open in windows.
    Bart> - The other is a bit of elisp that lets you open a file
    Bart> from a dired buffer in chrome. Pretty simple but I find
    Bart> it helpful.
    Bart>  Raman, is there a better way for the community to
    Bart> collect these sort of hacks? I'm thinking now of things
    Bart> that are really only useful to emacspeak users and not
    Bart> the wider community? Perhaps a wiki or some sort of git
    Bart> repo? --
    Bart> Kind regards
    Bart> Bart
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