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Re: emacspeak and org-mode tables

The authors of org are receptive to patches, so dont feel forced
to do everything from the outside. It's a fast evolving package,
so changes make it in quickly.
>>>>> "Peter" == Peter Rayner <peter.julien.rayner@gmail.com> writes:
    Peter> First thanks tvr for adding the advice to
    Peter> org-table-previous-field ... forgot that. Bart Bunting
    Peter> writes:
    >> An idea: I personally would find it helpful to be notified
    >> when we move to a new table line.
    Peter> Good point, I hadn't thought of that but it would
    Peter> certainly be useful. A good use for an auditory icon
    Peter> perhaps?
    >> Also, what about a more speech friendly table location
    >> anouncement. There is already 'c-c ?' but I think it could
    >> be nicer. What do you think?
    Peter> Yes, it is pretty ugly speechwise isn't it. I wonder
    Peter> if I can use defadvice to replace what it's currently
    Peter> doing rather than just add to it. My overall plan is
    Peter> to get as much functionality of emacspeak-table into
    Peter> org-table via advice. that won't do everything since
    Peter> there are some features org-table lacks as I already
    Peter> mentioned.
    >> cheers
    Peter> Peter
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