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Latest and greatest mail packages in emacs with emacspeak?

I'm using vm with fetchmail for mail reading, but in parallel
using gnus -- see the blog article re gmail search on the
emacspeak blog.

I tried offlineimap with gnus for work email, but didn't like it,
the only piece I was missing with vm+fetchmail was the wonderful
bits re gmail search, and  gm-nnir.el (checked into g-
emacspeak/lisp/g-client) gives me what I want.

Added bonus -- see tvr/gnus-prepare.el in svn -- you get to look
at multiple gmail accounts in the same emacs session -- 
>>>>> "David" == David Tseng <davidtseng@gmail.com> writes:
    David> Hi all, I'm curious to hear what folks are using for
    David> mail nowadays in emacs with emacspeak.
    David> Personally, I've found mu4e a pretty nice client
    David> paired with offlineimap to sync and mu to index.
    David> It took a little bit of tweaking (including hacking
    David> the elisp to stop bombarding me with echo area
    David> announcements), but I have a pretty nice stable setup
    David> now.
    David> Nevertheless, I'd like to hear about what's new and
    David> perhaps what works especially great with emacspeak's
    David> voiceifications.
    David> Any thoughts? David
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