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RE: which distribution do you recommend

Personally, I recommend Ubuntu 14.04 for a beginner or someone pressed for time.  All you have to do is enter the following command:


Sudo apt-get install emacspeak


It pulls all the packages you need.  It will then present you with a debconf dialog asking you which speech synthesizers you would like to use.  Espeak is the recommended one since you don’t have to install it separately as it comes with the distribution already.  Once you have selected it, it should be a simple matter of launching Emacspeak and just start usuing it. 


The only issue you will have is that it doesn’t do well with the change in voices for links and different sorts of text.  Usually, emacspeak wil present that stuff to you at a lower pitch so you can tell it apart immediately.  The version of Emacspeak found in Ubuntu 14.04 currently has an extremely subtle change in the voice pitch which is very hard to detect.  I am currently investigating how I might correct this on my home installation.  If I find a solution, I will post for anyone interested. 



Alex M



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i want to try out emacspeak but it seems a bit complicated to install emacs on windows. I am trying out linux now. I try some distros optimized for the blind. But wich distro is the best for us and can be used good with emacspeak? Wich do you recommend?


Thank you in advance.


Best regards



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