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RE: Emacspeak and knoppix

I imagine you can put it on Knopix.  It’s a Debian-based distro, if memory serves.  Might even be able to use a deb package.  What is most likely, though is that you will need to install Emacspeak form source.  That is fairly well explained online.  I’ll let you do some googling on it.  I can get a wee bit complicated and is not really something I would recommend to a beginner personally. 


Alex M



From: Niklas Rittinghaus [mailto:niklasrittinghaus@gmail.com]
Sent: Sunday, May 04, 2014 11:22 AM
To: emacspeak@cs.vassar.edu
Subject: Emacspeak and knoppix




currently I am trying out knoppix with the Adriane desktop. I’d like to know if I can install and use Emacspeak with this distro as well, as an option to ubuntu. Knoppix is installed on a pendrive here.


Thank you


Best regards



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