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a strange issue when trying to open bookshare daisy books

hi all.
I've been trying to open bookshare daisy book in emacspeak, and the open fine. But when I press enter on a navigation 
point to jump to that point and read, I get the following error. Symbol's value as variable is void: outline-regexp. I'm 
completely stumped. I'm using emacspeak 39.0 if that helps anyone. I'd be using 40, only the arch package for emacspeak 
isn't kept up to date and I can't build it, the tclx package it depends on builds empty binaries. Is anyone willing to 
help maintain the package? Sorry I'm a bit short, it's very late over here. My last question is about mudding in 
emacspeak. I think I asked this before, but may have deleted any replies. I'll see if I can find them in the list 
archive. Is there any chance of getting more voice lock functionality for espeak? If this has already been implemented I 
apologize. Eloquence has great personalities but I don't see any for espeak. I'm actually still trying to figure out how 
to change to the us english voice instead of the british one. And on that note, I'm tired, must sleep
Thanks for any help
Kendell clark

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