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Emacspeak: Testing new implementation of interactive check

Short Version:

If you are a long term user of Emacspeak and run from SVN, I just
checked in a new implementation of ems-itneractive-p  that does
not depend on emacs' called-interactive-p.

Test on emacs 23, emacs 24.2, 24.3 and 24.4 

Please test extensively,  and if you spot differences in behavior
in the new version let me know by clearly describing old and new

Types of differences you might notice:

1. Things that spoke automatically in the past may not do so in
the new version.

2. Some things might produce more speech than before.

The reason for the change is to avoid emacs' called-interactive-p
-- that function's implementation  ends up calling other routines
from the advice module that can potentially cause deadlocks --
the first of these was found by Bart in ruby-mode a couple of
weeks ago.


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