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emacspeak and eww

M-x eww showing a blank page is really strange. Turn off xslt
first to take that out of the equation -- if you still get a
blank page, hit "v" to show source to see if it got any html to render.
>>>>> "Bart" == Bart Bunting <bart@bunting.net.au> writes:
    Bart> Hi,
    Bart> Prompted via the recent thread regarding eww I decided
    Bart> to give it a try.
    Bart> For some reason eww appears to be broken for me.
    Bart> When I do m-x eww and enter a url nothing is rendered
    Bart> at all.
    Bart> It sounded similar to the previous problem although for
    Bart> me it appears that eww itself is not rendering.
    Bart> I have confirmed emacs is linked againest libxml2.
    Bart> Has anyone else seen this, is it likely to be related
    Bart> to emacspeak or simply a screwey emacs setup on my
    Bart> behalf?
    Bart> I've rebuilt both emacspeak and emacs from latest repo
    Bart> just now with no apparent change.
    Bart> Any suggestions on what could be the cause or obvious
    Bart> things to check?
    Bart> Kind regards Bart --
    Bart> Bart Bunting
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