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Re: emacspeak and eww


It's still not right.

Firstly to answer your question I had set it to
emacspeak/xsl/epub-toc.xsl.  Obviously a hangover from trying to get
bookshare or something working.

Now that it's set to nil eww works.

However, emacspeak-websearch-google still throws a blank page.

Viewing source shows nothing at all.

It does the same no matter if I toggle xsl on or off.

Any ideas on what to look at next?

Kind regards


"T. V. Raman" <raman@google.com> writes:

> Well, you select the xslt to apply via  emacspeak-we-xslt-select
> set to  the key of your choice.
> Try doing things like Google searches where xslt gets used by
> default. At some point the customization  var to set the xsl
> style sheet likely deserves to be nuked since setting it via a
> key is so much more convenient -- though I never expected it to
> hit the bug you did. What had you set it to?

Bart Bunting

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