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Re: newbie

SONAR based on Manjaro and VINUX based on Ububtu are both Linux operating systems that speak during installation and are specifically designed for blind users.

I am using Manjaro as I did not know about Sonar, I still have sime sight.

Gilles of http://oralux.org which sells Outloud or Voxin or IBM TTS has a scrip which perfectly installs emacspeak, but you have to bux a copy of Voxin/Outloud/IBM TTS but it cost about $5.00 which is very affordable and I like the Outloud voices.

Manjaro is Arch Linux and has a script that automates all of the editing of configuration settings, and automatically installs video, Ethernet and WiFI drivers.  I find it a very satisfactory  system, newbies seem to do well with it also.

David Ring
Green Harbir, MA

On Sep 26, 2014 6:13 PM, "Rob Hill" <robhill@es.co.nz> wrote:
Hello Laurie,

As a first step you'd need to install a Linux distribution, which can
be done alongside XP.  Ubuntu is easy to install, and the installation
process can be speech-enabled.

You'd then need to install emacs, then emacspeak.  A fair bit of
learning, but well worth it.  Perhaps come back when you need more


Lorie McCloud writes:
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