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Help with mac tts?

Hello everyone,

I'm new here, can I ask for some help with an issue I'm seeing on emacspeak on the mac?

My symptom is that with voice lock on, text spans after the first personality switch in a line are not being voiced. So for example I hear a comment delimiter but not the comment itself.

I grabbed the debug log from the mac tts server and I can see the voice changes and text segments for the entire line are being received as expected. I can also see the first chunk being dispatched to the underlyingn tts api.

I've started to poke around with a little extra logging and I think I'm seeing a call to 'isAnyApplicationSpeaking' on the underlying tts api returning true, even right after the speech server receives a 'didFinishSpeaking' notification from the underlying engine. Maybe this is causing attempts to dequeue remaining speech items to be skipped? Maybe my understanding of how all this hangs together is buggy??

I believe this is changed behaviour after an upgrade from OS X 10.7 and emacspeak v37 to OS X 10.10 and v40. Anyone else seeing similar?

I'll keep digging but any pointers really appreciated!
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