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Hi. My name is Jessica. I am new to this list. I am 19 years old and completely blind. I live in Canada. I have a website for blind and visually impaired people that has info on a number of topics including Linux, Vinux and Emacspeak. I also have a mailing list where we can talk about anything to do with blindness. Please go check them out and if you know anyone who you think may benefit from them, please tell them about the website and mailing list. Please find the links to the website and mailing list in my signature. Thank you and I look forward to making new friends and maybe seeing old ones from other lists on this list.

Please go check out my website: blindnesseraserblog.wordpress.com which has lots of different info on a number of topics for blind and visually impaired people and which I have recently redone. Also please check out my low traffic mailing list: freelists.org/list/erasingblindness where we can talk about anything related to blindness. Thank you.

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