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No more speech feedback for some functions that use the minibuffer

Hi all

I noticed that the behavior of Emacspeak with respect to functions
like kill-buffer or switch-to-buffer has changed. It used to play an
auditory icon and speak the modeline in an after-advice. I see that
these advice definitions are still present, but the code is not
executed because ems-interactiv-p returns nil. I suspect that the
reason for this is that these functions use the mini-buffer to prompt
for user input. During this process, call-interactively is executed
recursively which overwrites the value of the variable ems-called-interactively-p.
Therefore, ems-interactive-p will return nil in the after-advice of
the original function.

Anyway, I modified the advice for call-interactively in such a way,
that the original value of ems-called-interactively-p is saved and
restored after the function execution. A patch is attached. This seems
to fix the problem of the missing speech output. however, I have not
done enough testing to be sure there are no negative side effects.

Best regards, Lukas

Attachment: call-interactively-advice-fix.patch
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