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Re: emacs-gnus-git


Emacspeak has the following dependencies in Arch Linux:

emacspeak dependencies:
 - emacs (already installed)
 - tcl (already installed)
 - tclx (already installed)
 - espeak (already installed)

Emacspeak-svn has the following dependencies in Arch Linux.

emacspeak-svn dependencies:
 - emacs (already installed)
 - tcl>=8.6 (already installed)
 - tcl<8.7 (already installed)
 - tclx (already installed)
 - espeak (already installed)
 - subversion (already installed)

emacs 24.4-2 depends on these:

Depends On     : librsvg  gpm  giflib  libxpm  libotf  m17n-lib  gtk3
                 hicolor-icon-theme  gconf  desktop-file-utils  alsa-lib
                 imagemagick  gnutls

Is required by: 
Required By    : emacspeak  emacspeak-outloud-server  emms

emacs-git has the following dependencies:

emacs-git dependencies:
 - librsvg (already installed)
 - gpm (already installed)
 - giflib (already installed)
 - libxpm (already installed)
 - libotf (already installed)
 - m17n-lib (already installed)
 - gtk3 (already installed)
 - hicolor-icon-theme (already installed)
 - desktop-file-utils (already installed)
 - alsa-lib (already installed)
 - imagemagick (already installed)
 - gnutls (already installed)
 - git (already installed)

emacs-gnus-git is not mentioned.


On Fri, Feb 6, 2015 at 4:40 PM, Florian Beijers <florianbeijers@gmail.com> wrote:

trying to build the latest emacspeak seems to require the package
listed in the subject line, however it seems quite out of date judging
by this page:

Is there a way to bypass it?


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