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Re: org-drill and Preparing code for inclusion in emacspeak Mar 2015 11:45:06 +1100")


Not sure about Melpa.  For some reason package-list is currently broken
with the error "Symbol's value as variable is void:
emacspeak-wizards-yyyymmdd-date-pronounce". Haven't had a chance to
chace that up, just noticed it.

Org-drill is distributed as a contrib package with org-mode itself (I
run org from source) so I didn't notice it not being shipped with emacs.

You can obtain the source at:

I've updated the comments in emacspeak-org-drill to explain how to get

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Kind regards
raman <raman@google.com> writes:

> I've updated the checked in files. Note that the comments at the top of
> emacspeak-org-drill dont tell you how/where to get org-drill --- after
> reading it I had assumed it was part of org. At least in Emacs built
> from head (emacs 25) org-drill.el is not part of org, nor is it on GNU
> Elpa -- I suspect it's on melpa or marmalade --- 
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Bart Bunting

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