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Re: emacspeak and mac speech

"Littlefield, Tyler" <tyler@tysdomain.com> writes:

> Anyone else
> had any issues? I have DTK_PROGRAM set to mac.

I can't really speak to running emacspeak on the Mac, but I had to hack
the mac server for Deedra so that she could run yasr with it.  Turns out
that yasr and emacspeak are a little different in the protocol that they
send to the server, and the Mac server is a bit less forgivving than
either the TCL-based servers or eflite.
I don't remember what the variation is.  I can probably dig up my
hacked source if someone wants it.

> Also, has anyone built espeak for OSX? I'd prefer to use espeak for emacs.

eSpeak doesn't build for lack of a sem_timedwait in the Mac OS C library.
Someone built it a few years ago, but they only distributed a "speak"
binary.  There's no shared library you can link against, and apparently,
there's no source.
I've seen a sem_timedwait implementation for OS X floating around on the
net, but I do not know how acceptable it is.

-- Chris

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