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Re: Hydra?


Sorry, should have added more explanation.

The readme on the github page is probably the best description:

I cut and paste from there:


This is a package for GNU Emacs that can be used to tie related commands into a family of short bindings with a common prefix - a Hydra.

* hydra

** Description for Poets

Once you summon the Hydra through the prefixed binding (the body + any one head), all heads can be called in succession with only a short extension.

The Hydra is vanquished once Hercules, any binding that isn't the Hydra's head, arrives. Note that Hercules, besides vanquishing the Hydra, will still serve his original purpose, calling his proper command. This makes the Hydra very seamless, it's like a minor mode that disables itself auto-magically.

** Description for Pragmatics

Imagine that you have bound C-c j and C-c k in your config. You want to call C-c j and C-c k in some (arbitrary) sequence. Hydra allows you to:

Bind your functions in a way that pressing C-c jjkk3j5k is equivalent to pressing C-c j C-c j C-c k C-c k M-3 C-c j M-5 C-c k. Any key other than j or k exits this state.

Assign a custom hint to this group of functions, so that you know immediately after pressing C-c that you can follow up with j or k.

If you want to quickly understand the concept, see the video demo.

Kind regards


"T. V. Raman" <tv.raman.tv@gmail.com> writes:

> So what does it do?
>>>>>> "Bart" == Bart Bunting <bart@bunting.net.au> writes:
>     Bart> Raman do you have any plans to support Hydra? From the
>     Bart> description I can't quite tell if it would be helpful
>     Bart> or not to non-visual users.
>     Bart> 
>     Bart> I am intrigued as to what the best aproach to speech
>     Bart> enable it would be?
>     Bart> 
>     Bart> Kind regards Bart --
>     Bart> 
>     Bart> Bart Bunting
>     Bart> 
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Bart Bunting

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