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Re: Production Version 42.0 Fails to Build

I compared the git and tarball versions of emacspeak-eww.el and I
didn't see much differences. So I built a new stand-alone directory to
hold the extracted contents of the 42.0 tarball. With one test, I
copied emacspeak-eww.el from my current git repo and did the make
sequence as normal. That build also failed with the same errors. So
there must be something else broken in the 42.0 tarball.

I did a complete refresh  of this working directory and did the make
clean; make config; make steps and captured the entire output. That
listing is over 700 lines so I hesitate to attach to the list here. I
wonder what else could be broken with this emacspeak-42.0.tar.bz2

At least I can build from git and that is what I use. I just wanted to
be able to put up a working build package for the production/stable
version of emacspeak for any Arch Linux users who might not want to
use the developer version.

On Mon, May 04, 2015 at 04:07:21AM +0000, Tim Cross wrote:
> Hi Steve,
> if I understand you correctly, you have a source tree from the snapshot tarball which won’t build and a tree from git which will build. Is that correct?
> Assuming the git is checked out on the version 42 tag, you should be able to do a diff and see what is different between them. I’d start with a simple diff of the two emacspeak-eww.el files, then a diff of the lisp directories if the file level diff doesn’t tell you anything useful.
> for the record, I’ve built on both Linux and OSX with no problems (but from git not snapshot). I’m also using emacs 24.5
> The other thing I would try, just to be certain, is run make clean as root. I’ve run into problems with systems I’ve built as a normal user, but then run install as root, which has created root owned artifacts. Later, when I do a make clean as a normal user to update or build again, the root owned artefacts are not removed and you get unpredictable results.
> regards,
> Tim
> [cid:AB531F49-2EBD-42E8-9A92-5C00F2146B34@fritz.box]
> Tim Cross
> IT Security Manager
> Information Technology Directorate
> University of New England
> Armidale N.S.W. 2351 Australia
> Email: tcross@une.edu.au<mailto:tcross@une.edu.au>
> Phone: +61 2 6773 3210
> Mobile: +61 428 212 217
> On 4 May 2015, at 1:41 pm, Steve Holmes <steve@holmesgrown.com<mailto:steve@holmesgrown.com>> wrote:
> On Sun, May 03, 2015 at 06:56:12PM -0700, T. V. Raman wrote:
> Suspect you need to do a make clean first followed by a make config.
> No go.  I cleared out previous source and pkg directories and I still
> get the error.
> emacspeak-eww.el:62:1:Error: Symbol's function definition is void:
> cl-struct-define
> I also included 'make clean' before my 'make config' line but still
> the error above. It's gotta be something else.
> I have a similar build procedure for the git version and that one
> compiles fine.
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