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Re: Google search question.

I noticed this too but did not have time to investigate. It is indeed
very annoying. Pressing "C-c C-k" stops the constant refreshing of the
page. One thing that is special about w3m is that it still claims to
use HTTP 1.0. This causes problems with other sites too, e.g.
dzone.com. I am pretty sure this is not an emacspeak problem. I will
try to build a modified version of w3m that claims to support HTTP

Best regards


Hwaen Ch'uqi writes ("Google search question."):
> Dear All,
> Greetings. I have a question which may not be appropriate for this
> list, but I am not certain where else to ask. If anyone has any
> solutions or suggestions of where better to ask, I would greatly
> appreciate it. I am a heavy emacspeak user, though I know/understand
> very little about its internals. I use emacs-w3m as my browser of
> choice, unless javascript issues force me to use firefox via orca. A
> couple of days ago, google searches through emacs-w3m began yielding
> strange results. It seems as if much redirection is taking place.
> Emacspeak's output is a stream of interrupted URL's. After several
> minutes, the redirections stop, and the final page begins something
> like this:
> Cannot retrieve URL:
> http://ipv4.google.com/sorry/IndexRedirect?continue=http://www.google.com/SEARCH_STRING
> 503 Service Unavailable
> This is followed by a call to identify a CAPTCHA, an impossibility
> either to ascertain via emacspeak or to submit via emacs-w3m. However,
> if I will conduct a google search in firefox using orca, a results
> page immediately appears. Does anyone have any idea what might be
> going on? I am using ubuntu-14.04, emacs 24.3.1, emacspeak-38 as set
> up through the voxin package, and emacs-w3m 1.4.527.
> Thank you so much.
> Hwaen Ch'uqi
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