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Emacspeak fails editing .bashrc consistently


Trying to edit my .bashrc file with Emacspeak.

I scroll down to one particular line, press control+A to make sure I am
at the beginning of the line and press return to get a new line.
Emacspeak immediately goes silent and I cannot establish what is
happening.  Trying the usual key combinations to get out does not work.

The odd thing is I can copy the .bashrc file to a different file name
and the edit works fine.

I tried disabling the entries into the .emacs.d/places file but that
made no difference.

I can open lines near the top of the file but never further down where
the modification is required.  The crash is consistent.

Does anybody have any ideas why this should be?


Michael A. Ray
Witley, Surrey, South-east UK

"In the beginning there was Debian, and Ubuntu was without form, and void"

Eyes-free Linux:

Raspberry VI:

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