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A few questions on how Emacspeak handles text and long lines

I could not find any Emacspeak settings that could answer my questions below, so any help would be much appreciated.

1. I noticed that when Emacspeak encounters lines of certain length, it takes two or more presses of a down arrow to go through them, creating an impression of navigating through duplicate lines. Is there a way to change this setting?
Also, why this behavior? Is there a historical reason for this?

2. When Emacspeak encounters characters, such as (, ), <, >, etc, it makes my TTS pronounce them as "left asterisk parent", "right asterisk parent", "greater asterisk than", etc. Again, is this intentional? If yes, then why?

3. When Emacspeak encounters a character repeated several times, say, 15 hyphens, it appends the "15 dashes" with the word "awww", so the phrase sounds like "awww 15 dash". Why is this behavior? Is there a setting I am missing without having to go into the source files?

Thanks a lot and apologies if these have been asked before.



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