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Re: Possible bug in customize

Yes, as emacspeak has evolved to run on more platforms, it has become a bit more complex. It took me a bit to get things to work under OSX as well. 

Something else I noticed, which may be well known, but wasn't obvious to me (until I thought about it) is that you also need to make sure your not using the default theme if you want to use sox with the earwax option. Seems this will only work when using a sound theme which is stereo. Took me a bit to work out why I couldn't get it to work - had to try executing the command on the command line to see the error from sox.


On 22 August 2015 at 12:52, T. V. Raman <tv.raman.tv@gmail.com> wrote:
Thanks, will pull this sometime over the week-end. play-args got
a bit convoluted when  meeting some requests related to Windows
support a couple of years ago -- could do with a cllean-up.



Tim Cross

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