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Re: Speech synth's, emacspeak, and Hal 95

Jude Dashiell writes:
 > Hi, I've used both dectalk express and doubletalk synthesizers.
 > The only tangible difference is that you get more voices with dectalk
 > products
 > than are available with doubletalk products.  The doubletalk has one basic
 > voice that can be adjusted in terms of
 > pitch tone and speed.  The dectalk express and other dectalk products have
 > 9 voices some
 > of them female.  Some of the female voices in my opinion
have such

You may not like the female voices, but they do not take up
any space on those "dectalk chips" as you put it.

The speech synthesizer inside the Dectalk is based on Dennis
Klatt's Klatt synthesizer
and allows a large number of voice characteristic parameters
to be modified--
as a demonstration of what can be done, the box typically
ships with nine predefined voices --each attained by
tweaking synthesizer parameters.

 > poor quality that they only waste space on those dectalk chips.
 > dectalk express synthesizers are equipped with features
 > like being able to

You cannot play wave files ovr the Dectalk Express-- only on
the Dectalk PC.
This is because the Express is a serial line device and
shipping wave files down a serial line is impractical.

 > play wav files
 > over the speaker given the software but accessing those features is next
 > to
 > impossible even with the documentation provided.
 > Jude <dashiell@clark.net>

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