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Re: Progress on soundblaster - and list practice

The driver I was referring to was a driver for the win 95 software
version of dectalk for emacspeak.  The only non emacs parts of
emacspeak  are the driver for the synthisiser and the scripts to run a
remote session (ok, there are .au files and an audio tool of some sort
if you use ear-cons as well).  I have run emacs under windows 3.1  so
I assume similar functionality under win95 (much works, some things
do not because of OS differences).  Anyway, to try it out a driver
would need to be written to let emacspeak communicate with the
software dectalk.

I would also ask two things of you; (general list practice) 

1 - please only quote relevant passages of mail.  Folks are either
reading this because they are on the list (and so have the earlier
message) or they are reading it on the web archive (and so have access
to the earlier message) - either way, quoting an entire message in a
reply is not needed and takes up extra space in the archive.

2 - if possible, can you remove the advertisement for hotmail from the
bottom of your mail?  I would appreciate not giving them the free
advertising. (I would be happy to explain my problems with hotmail to
you privately if you are interested)



 Greg Priest-Dorman
 priestdo@cs.vassar.edu      NO SOLICITING

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