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Reading usenet with gnus/emacspeak

I've recently gotten my local news feed to function, and began working with Gnus.
I have noticed a minor problem, however, and am unsure of what may be causing it. I read individual articles by placing the cursor on the line with the article and pressing space. This reads the article fine, for the most part. However, if the article is longer than one screenful, I either miss the end of the article when typing space again (if the remainder was only a line or two) or miss several lines of text that do not seem to be processed when the article scrolls.
I only gave the info manuals for gnus and emacspeak's gnus section a quick glance. Am I reading these articles properly? Reading news is working nearly flawlessly now; I just need to figure out what might be causing the missing text when articles are spoken. Thanks.

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