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emacspeak and remote machines

hi all,

I was wondering if there is an easy way of starting a remote emacspeak on another machine without having to go through starting up a local server on your machine and connecting to it from the remote machine.
saving the trouble of determining the ip address and typing it evry time.

I guess what I want is a script or something that you can run from the
local machine, this script would do the following: 
      1) start a speech server on the local machine.
      2) determine the current ip address of the local machine.  
      3) login to the remote machine, setting an environment variable
         to the ip address of the local machine (which will be the
         address where the speech server will run)
      4) launch emacspeak on the remote machine, re-dirrecting the
         speech to the speech server running on the local machine.
all you should have to supply is a machine name to connect to.  this
machine would be the remote machine where emacspeak is to be run.

if nothing like this exists, i'd like to have a crack at it, but i
just thought i'd ask first incase i'd missed it.

would it be best implemented using lisp or a shell script, or a
combination of both?


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